Ayurveda food

Ayurveda Food is food in its’ original state as found in Nature. Ayurveda food is unprocessed, without additives, without any artificial enrichment or fortification. Ayurveda Food is food that nourishes and rejuvenates a person as a whole, providing benefits to the body, the mind and the soul. Ayurveda food retains its’ natural properties throughout the course of preparation.

What are the benefits of ayurveda foods?

In their natural state, foods are comprised of the 5 basic elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, each of which is essential to a person's health. In ayurveda food, there are some active as well as passive components, which balance each other. As the saying goes, "let my food be my medicine."

What is the difference between conventional and Ayurvedically balanced food?

Conventionally balanced food provides the correct proportion of macronutrients and micronutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Ayurvedically balanced food provides the correct proportion of the 5 basic elements, thereby balancing hot/cold, moist/dry and light/heavy qualities. Ayurvedic food creates balance through a flavorful combination of the six tastes into a delicious meal.

What makes Ayurveda Foods taste so good?

Ayurfoods is based on Ayurvedic theory of correct combination of six tastes. The spice mix in Ayur veda foods is the wisdom. So, the unique taste has a history of generations.

What are Ayurvedic guidelines about eating?

Why is food so important?

All tissues in the body are energy reserves. Every moment of our life we are utilizing energy, as this energy is utilized, it needs to be replenished to maintain the reserves. Body creates energy from the food we eat. So it is important to eat good quality food, well cooked food. As the saying goes “Let my food be my medicine”.

Why do we have to eat fresh food?

Fresh food has life energy called Prana. Prana is a healing energy. Processed foods may have calories, but absolutely no Prana. If it doesn’t have healing energy, how can it heal us? It also is loaded with preservatives, additives, colorings which may not be good for our system.

We are so busy, how can we cook fresh?

It is not that we don’t have time, its not our priority, so we can’t make time. Once we understand the fresh food is absolutely critical for our health, we will make time. Ayurfoods is the best solution for health conscious people like you, who are busy but want to eat well. With Ayurfoods, you can cook fresh food in minutes.

I heard that different constitution people have to eat differently? Please explain.

Yes, it is true. Ayurveda is not “one size fits all” philosophy. Certain qualities in foods balance different Doshas. For example – Kapha people (heavy weight) have to eat light, warm and dry foods. Such as toasts, baked, grilled or broiled meats and vegetables, and more spices. Pitta people have to eat more cooling foods, salads, fruits, fewer spices and drink plenty of water. Vatas do best on moist and warm foods such as soups, stews, pasta with sauce, herbal teas etc. Subtle qualities in foods balance Doshas and prevent many diseases. But, there are certain foods that are ideal for all Body Constitutions, called Tridoshic. Ayurfoods are tridoshic, so are good for anybody and everybody.

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